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Prohibited Items

  • Stamped and prepaid postal envelopes and parcels
  • Precious stones, gems and jewellery
  • Liquid and Semi Liquids
  • Perishable items
  • Uncrossed (Bearer) drafts / cheques, currency and coins
  • Firearms, explosives and military equipments
  • Flammables item
  • Hazardous substances and radioactive materials
  • Poisonous articles
  • Corrosive materials
  • Solid and liquid chemicals
  • Toxic gases and compressed air of gas appliances
  • Pressurized cylinder or bottles
  • All items that infringe the Indian Postal Act of 1898 and all restricted items as per the guidelines of IATA
  • Military Equipment
  • Unauthorised Forest Produce
  • Currency Notes
  • Live animals and plants

Please contact BHARAT BANDHAN WORLDWIDE EXPRESS for more details.

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